Our story goes back to the foundations laid by the first “Concierge Maîtres” back in 1990, in a troubled time for Romanian history. Right after the fall of the communist regime, these valued forefathers opened our country to a new, wonderful world of “Service through Friendship”, a motto that is still alive and vibrant, guides our steps and represents the essence of our association.

Romania is a land rich in folklore and mystical legends: from the enchanted Carpathian Mountains and the flowing Danube Delta, two pillars that traverse our country and are rich in cultural and spiritual meaning, to iconic rulers such as our Voivode, Vlad Tepes, ancestor of Prince Charles of England and source of inspiration for the fabled “Count Dracula” created by the novelist Bram Stoker.

By following in the footsteps of this rich history, together we can create your own unique story by ensuring that your visit is a memorable one filled with distinguished experiences and that you will always carry with you wonderful memories of our beloved Romania.

We are always happy to welcome you and your guests’visit to our Concierge lodges!

In Service through Friendship!

Cătălin Mălureanu

Founder President, Les Clefs d`Or Romania


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